Friday, July 29, 2011

Moog hints, Champions, and more

Hello everyone, hope your Friday is going well.  A couple of things to mention before we all escape to the weekend...

Moog is showing off a "special project" that's "the first of its kind", which is said to rhyme with Rogue Door.  Speculation on their Facebook Page has guesses such as "Moog Door", "Moog Gore", but my guess would be between "Moog More" and "Moog IV".  Nothing in the picture indicates polyphony, but there are Mooger Foogers lined up across the top of the Voyager XL, implying there's way more to this than just a standard 5 grand keyboard.  Only time will tell...

EDIT: Today, Moog revealed the Moog Store.  Not quite a polyphonic synth...

Over at RetroSynthAds, you can check out old magazine scans from the 70s and 80s.  Recently they posted some cool Pro-One ads, which is quite famous by today's accounts.  Be sure to browse that site over here.

Finally, I was listening to this track last night with She's the Queen and was really enjoying the craftsmanship of the great Starsmith.  I posted Lesson One last week, so it's only fair to post the other half of the brilliant single today.  Check out the release on August 22nd.

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